The Staff

Gayle Umenhofer

Gayle is the gracious hostess of The Baron's Den. Friendly, organized, and with the patience of a Saint, keeping a keen eye on the Den requires the skill and experience that only the precious few possess.

Walt Umenhofer

The Baron's Den will look to buy, sell or trade your firearms. Perhaps you inherited an old revolver? Or maybe one of your family members has a WWI or WWII souvenir they want to sell? Classic pistols and rifles may be in your gun case and you don't even know it. Western six-shooters, modern semi-automatics, European manufacturers of classic pistols and Shotguns - give Walt a call, bring in your firearm (unloaded please), and get an honest estimate of it's resale or collectible value. After 50 plus years of firearm experience, Walt is a classic himself.

Dan Umenhofer

Besides being a 22 marksman like no other, Dan helps organize and run the league. From the pre-league instruction for newcomers, officiating the scoring, running the range, and presenting awards at the banquet, Dan makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Raye Gunter

A certified arms instructor, Raye has the experience and the background to help you make smart firearm selections. Rifles, pistols, hunting, competition, home protection, semi-auto, revolver, self defense, or concealed carry, Raye is very familiar and exceptionally well qualified with all aspects of firearm ownership. Men , women, seniors, and the disabled who have firearm needs can depend on Raye for helpful, courteous and intelligent service.

Steve Huey

Steve has been a long time fixture for gun, hunting and sporting enthusiasts in Lane county. With decades of experience Steve offers experienced help for all your firearm purchases.